Tigersharks No National Qualifiers Meet

We had a group of 20 swimmer attend the Tigersharks ‘No National Qualifiers’ Meet on the 18th and 19th July at the Link Centre, Swindon. This was the largest group from Swindon ASC for a long time at an open meet which goes to show that the the club is becoming more competitive.

Between the 20 swimmers they entered 96 events and achieved 72 personal best (PB) times, winning 28 medals.


Tyler got us off to a good start with a personal best of 2:48.93 in the 200m Butterfly knocking a whopping 9 seconds off of his time and achieving a well deserved Silver.  Next up was a Gold for Alyx and Silver for Tomas in the 100m Breaststroke both achieving personal best times.  A fantastic effort from Alyx on his turns and underwater phases proving to Ryan that although it may not look like it 98% of the time he was actually listening at training.

A well deserved PB for Emmie in the 100m freestyle taking 6 seconds off her time and 5 seconds for Grace well done girls. PB’s also for Rowan, Olivia, Amy and Emily.

Rory up next in the 200m backstroke, first time entering this event and comes away with silver, Tyler also placed in this event taking bronze in the 11/12 yrs.  We will never know what Alyx could of got if he actually tried, Alyx took bronze in this event and achieved a PB of 4 seconds but looked a little like he was doing a cool down…….swim faster next time, you are not swimming against the others in the heat you are swimming against the clock.

Another amazing PB of 5 seconds from Olivia in the 200IM and Emily took the bronze in the 15&overs.

Tomas has found a new passion other than Breaststroke, the 50m Fly taking 6 seconds off of his time and easily winning his heat. Another Gold medal for Tyler and a Bronze for Rory.

The 50m Backstroke PB’s for Rory, William, Tomas, and a PB and Gold for Tyler and Bronze for Alyx.

Rowan and Olivia on a mission in the 100m IM each lowering their time by 4 seconds. Lightning Liberty struck out for a 5 second PB! Shortly followed by another 2 second PB for Liberty in the 100m Butterfly.

100m Backstroke up next, Tyler took Silver, Rory and Alyx Bronze.  Moving on to the 200m Breaststroke; Tomas a took a well deserved Gold with a PB of 5 seconds.  William, what can I say, you have proved to us that you can swim fast taking an unbelievable 25 seconds off of your time.


Emmie came back on Sunday to start off where whe left off with another PB this time knocking 7 seconds off in the 50 Backstroke along with Caitlin who also knocked off 7 seconds. Grace swam another PB to take Silver.

Boys 100m Fresstyle; 9 seconds off for Rory and Tomas and another Medal for Tomas this time Silver.

Grace loving her Breaststroke to take Silver in the 100m. Another Medal for Tyler, Silver in the 200m IM and Tomas, Bronze in the 100m IM – Go Tyler!! Go Tomas!!

A good 4 second PB for Aaron in the 100m Butterfly…………..and another Gold for Tyler.

Annabel put in a fantastic swim in the 50m Breaststroke just missing out on a medal but a PB of 3 seconds well done.  Lots more PB’s  in this event form Alyssa, Emmie, Caitlin, Rowan and Liberty, big cheers for Grace who took Gold.with a time close to her personal best from Regionals.

Rory and Tyler entering the 400m Freestyle for the first time with Rory a bit cautious on how fast to swim putting in an amazing final length sprint looking like he hadn’t already swam 15 lengths, he took the Bronze. and Tyler produced a massive 46 second PB to take Silver.
All in all a fabulous weekend
6 Gold
9 Silver
13 Bronze

Well done to everyone that entered you did yourselves and our club proud.

Big THANK YOU to Tigersharks for yet another super open meet. And as always thank you to the officials and volunteers without who these events would not take part.

Thank you to new Open Meet Secretaries Sarah & Kelly
Swindon ASC