2016 Summer League Final – Winners

The final round of the Summer League was a home fixture for Swindon ASC and the home venue of Milton Road provided a great backdrop for a thrilling night of racing with added drama of a chance of winning the league and securing promotion.

2016 Summer League Squad
2016 Summer League Squad

The first 10 races on the night saw Tomas and Emily in the open medley, Max Sullivan in the U12 fly and Alyx and Grace in the 3 length backstroke all take 2nd place and Annabel, in the fly, Beth and Max Adams in the U16 freestyle, Caitlin and Tyler in the U14 breaststroke all take 1st.

After 10 races the team were 5 points ahead of Warminster in second place.

In races 11-20 The U12 medley relay teams of Alex, Aleyiah, Annabel, Freya, Addison Joe, Max Sullivan and Harry took 3rd spot while the U16 medley teams of Will, Alyx, Max Adams, Andrew, Sasha, Rowan, Liberty and Beth both took 1st. Charlie and Caitlin took 3rd and 1st respectively in the U14 freestyle, Emily was first and Max Adams 2nd in the 3 length fly and Max Sullivan and Annabel were 1st and 2nd in the U12 breaststroke.

The team were 10 points ahead of Warminster in second place after 20 races.

Races 21-30 saw wins for Alyx and Liberty in the U16 Backstroke, the boys U14
Medley team of Aaron, Alex, Tyler and Charlie, girls open medley team of Chloe, Grace, Lydia and Emily, Harvey in the U12 freestyle and Max Adams in the U16 1L butterfly. 2nd place for Liberty in the U16 1L butterfly, the boys open medley team of Alyx, Tomas, Tyler and Brad. 4th place for the girls U14 Medley team of Holly Sullivan, Alice, Olivia and Emmie and a DQ in the U12 girls freestyle.

The team were 18 points ahead ahead of Warminster after 30 races and continuing the good results into races 31-40 would see the team take an unassailable lead in the league and secure promotion. This session started with Aaron and Olivia both taking 2nd in the U14 backstroke followed by Grace an Tomas both taking 1st place in the open 3L breaststroke. The U12 freestyle relay teams of Kriday, Addison, Joe and Harry, Aleyiah, Molly, Freya and Annabel to 3rd and 4th place. The U16 relay teams of Rowan, Olivia, Liberty and Beth took first place whilst the boys team were DQ’d. Tyler and Sasha were 1st and 2nd respectively in the U14 butterfly.

After 40 races the team were 18 points ahead of Warminster and with a league win and promotion now secured the last 10 races took on a celebratory feel but there was still a job to be done and Emily and Brad lead by example by taking 2nd and 1st in the open 3L freestyle followed by a 3rd for Harvey and 2nd for Alex in the U12 backstroke. Alyx and Rowan were both 1st in the U16 breaststroke. The boys and girls open freestyle relay team were 2nd and 1 whilst the girls U14 open relay team of Holly Sullivan, Alice, Emmie and Caitlin were 4th and the boys team of Max Adams, Brad, Tomas and Alyx took 2nd.

Well done to all of the swimmers who took part in this years summer league and congratulations on a very well deserved win and promotion. A big thank you to all the coaches, parents, guardians, brothers, sisters, friends and family members who have helped to make this years Summer league such a huge success.

26 wins
14 second
5 thirds
3 forth
2 DQ’s

Total points on the night 159

Total points after 3 rounds

Swindon ASC 627 points
Warminster 521
Melksham 463
Durrington 350