Calne Last Chance Open Meet

A chance to swim in a different pool and perhaps pick up a qualifying time was all the incentive needed for seven of our swimmers to take a short trip out to Calne to take part in their inaugural ‘Last Chance’ meet on Saturday 7th November.

Calne were very welcoming and also very busy with all hands to the pump to get the new electronic timing equipment installed. There was more gaffer tape poolside than parents as they all elected to go upstairs and view the event from the gallery/bar. This made for a somewhat subdued atmosphere on poolside.

The swimmers did not seem to notice (Parents: they can’t hear you when you shout anyway!) and we recorded lots of personal best swims.

Of the seven swimmers who took part (Aaron, Alyssa, Alyx, Max A, Olivia, Rory & Tyler) in 20 swims, 15 acheived personal best times.
Eight of the times recorded were county qualifying times and two were regional qualifying times.
A successful day out on the medal front, 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze.

Thank you to Calne for the invite and putting on the event. Thank you to the officials, thank you to Sarah and Kelly for
organising our entries, and your support on the day.