Winter League Round 1 – Calne

Round 1 of the Winter league saw our squad take on teams from Calne, Wroughton, and Trowbridge in an exciting night of relays hosted by Calne Alpha.

With over 30 swimmers in our squad alone and 39 races on the night – each involving 4 swimmers from each club – it is no surprise that the night resembled organised chaos at times and a great deal of credit needs to go to the coaching team who kept the swimmers focused, the heats running smoothly and the event fun.

There were too many great individual and team performances to names names but a special well done should go to the girls open 4×2 breaststroke team of Liberty, Emily, Tracey and Grace and the girls U17 4×1 breaststroke team of Olivia, Lydia, Liberty and Grace for their well earned wins.

In total, our squad took 2 first placed finishes, 10 second places, 16 third places and 13 fourth placed finishes on the night. (Subject to final clarification from the officials).

It was also great to see so many new faces in this years Winter league squad and let’s make sure we take the momentum from round 1 into the next round on 5 December at Trowbridge.

The overall team results on the night were.

Calne 122
Trowbridge 100
Swindon 84
Wroughton 74