Top 6 finish…

We did it!

Some absolutely astounding times recorded in the 3rd round of Winter League meant that we have secured a place in the top 6 final of the Moonraker Winter league. Nobody at the club can recall us ever placing so highly in this event.

Moonraker Winter League 2016 – Division 1
Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Bradford On Avon A 563.5 576.5 576 1715
Chippenham 513 539.5 592 1644.5
Calne Alpha 4 492 567 511 1570
Trowbridge A 444 612.5 483 1539.5
Royal Wootton Bassett 536 452.5 509 1497.5
Swindon 412.5 389.5 434 1236
Marlborough Penguins 350 362 344 1056
Wroughton 349 313.5 296 958.5

Top results…

Girls U17 4*1L Front Crawl 5th
Boys 9-12 Backstroke 4th
Boys Open 4*2L Breaststroke 5th
Girls U15 4*1L Medley 3rd
Boys U15 4*1L Medley 6th
Boys Squadron 4*1L Butterfly 6th
Girls U17 4*1L Backstroke 6th
Boys U17 4*1L Backstroke 6th
Girls Open 4*2L Medley 6th
Girls U15 4*1L Front Crawl 4th
Boys U15 4*1L Front Crawl 4th
Boys Squadron 4*1L Backstroke 6th
Girls U15 4*1L Backstroke 5th
Boys U15 4*1L Backstroke 4th
Boys Squadron 4*1L Breaststroke 4th
Girls U17 4*1L Medley 5th
Girls U15 4*1L Breaststroke 4th
Boys U15 4*1L Breaststroke 6th

For full results, tables and times see the Wiltshire ASA web-site.

Well done everyone – keep up the good work in training.