Summer Success in Moonraker

Moonraker Summer league Round 1 – 23 April 2016

Saturday the 23rd saw both the Junior and Senior squads representing the club in the first round of this years Moonraker Summer league away at Trowbridge. The night saw welcome first time appearances in the league for Joe, Molly, Aleyiah and Addison, who all played their part in the clubs first win of the campaign.

The night started with a win for Tomas and 3rd place for Emily in open Medley.
Max Sullivan and Annabel both took 2nd place in the U12 Butterfly whilst Beth and Max Adams took 1st and 2nd place in the U16 Freestyle. Birthday boy Aaron took 3rd in the U14 Breaststroke while Caitlin finished 1st for the girls followed by Alyx and Sasha who were 2nd and 3rd in the 100m Backstroke.

In the relays, the U12 boys Medley team of Louie, Joe, Max Sullivan and Harvey took the win, thanks to a great Breaststroke leg from Joe. Addison, Harvey, Joe and Max Sullivan were 4th in the Freestyle relay. The U12 girls team of Amy, Aleyiah, Annabel and Molly took 3rd spot with standout performances from the new girls Aleyiah and Molly. The U12 girls freestyle team of Alicia, Molly, Amy and Annabel were 4th in their race. Both the girls and boys U16 Freestyle teams won their events with ease and the U14 boys were 1st in the Medley with the girls in 4th, the boys and girls teams were 1st and 2nd respectively in the Open Medley.

More 1st places followed in the individual events for Tyler in the U14 Freestyle and butterfly. Caitlin in the U14 freestyle, Alyx and Liberty in the U16 Backstroke, Max Adams in the U16 Butterfly, Emily in the Open Freestyle and Alyx and Rowan in the U16 Breaststroke.

Individual 2nd places for Emily and Max Adams in the Open Butterfly, Alicia and Max Sullivan in the U12 Breaststroke, Liberty in the U16 Butterfly and Breaststroke, Sasha in the U14 Backstroke and Tomas in the Open Breaststroke.

3rd and 4th placed finishes on the night for Harvey and Annabel in the U12 Freestyle, Charlie in the U14 Backstroke,(who had to finish the race with no goggles), Emmie in the U14 Butterfly, Addison and Amy in the U12 Backstroke.

There were no DQ’s for the team on the night which is a credit to the hard work put in over the winter by all of the coaches and swimmers. Well done everyone.

Final points totals were.

Swindon ASC 152 points
Warminster 123
Melksham 117
Durrington 103

Team were in exceptionally good spirits on the coach home – anyone got the video of the singing?