Moonraker success continues

Round 2 of the Summer league was a much greater challenge for our squad with the hosts Warminster, in fine form and looking for the win. We didn’t have to wait long for Annabel and Max S to make the first double win of the night with both taking 1st place in the U12 Butterfly. Boys and girls double wins seemed to be the theme of the evening with Caitlin and Aaron both taking 1st place in the U14 Breaststroke along with Liberty and Alyx in the U16 Backstroke, Tyler and Sasha in the U14 Backstroke, Tomas and Emily in the 4 length open freestyle and Alyx and Rowan in the U16 Breaststroke.

Both the girls and boys U16 relay teams took 1st place in the Freestyle event (Rowan, Sasha, Liberty, Beth, Tyler, Max A, Will and Alyx) along with the U16 Medley teams of Sasha, Rowan, Liberty, Beth, Will, Alyx, Max A and Tyler.

However the night wasn’t all plain sailing and there was drama too with Lydia loosing her goggles in the Open fly, Adi and Alex stepping in as a last minute blood replacement for Harvey (who was away receiving treatment for a nosebleed) not to mention Jackie having to switch the relays teams around to cover for some no shows and the boys Open medley team receiving the only Swindon DQ of the night.

Other wins on the night went to Caitlin in the 2 length freestyle, Max S in the U12 Breastsroke. The boys U14 Medley relay team of Aaron, Alex S, Tyler and Charlie, Max A in the U16 butterfly, Tomas in the Open Breast stroke, Tyler in the U14 Butterfly (He came home 1/2 a length ahead of the rest) and the boys U14 Freestyle relay team of Alex S, Aaron, Charlie and Tyler.

Other notable performances on the night were Emmy with the first leg of the U14 medley relay, Amy in the U12 Freestyle and Backstroke. The girls U12 freestyle relay team of Aleyiah, Molly, Amy and Annabel and Joe, who swam on his birthday weekend. Happy birthday Joe.

Final points on the night were.

Swindon ASC – 152
Warminster – 127
Melksham – 115
Durrington – 92

Thank you to everyone (swimmers, , officials, volunteers, supporters) for a great night.

Swindon ASC